Frequently Asked Questions
How does purchasing a property from your site work?

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Claim the land! The first to make the down payment wins, so when you’re ready click on the payment options in the listing. This will reserve the land in your name. Don’t miss out!
  2. Sign the agreement. We will contact you to gather your information and draft the easy-to-read purchase agreement for you to sign.
  3. Close the deal. Once we have the agreement we will bill you for the remainder if you’re paying cash and send you the deed, or, if you’re financing with us, we’ll set up your monthly payments. See? Easy!
Are their any hidden fees when buying land from you?

No. There is the price, the document creation fee, and if you’re financing, the interest and note fees associated with monthly payments. It’s all spelled out in the agreements and super easy to understand. No confusing settlement statements.

How does your seller financing work?

We’re not a bank, so we can set our own rules. First rule is we don’t check your credit or your income. The land itself is the collateral for the loan, so as long as you make the payments on time, we’re happy! We fit payments to your budget, set you up with easy automatic payments and collect the taxes and other fees, if any, as you go so there are no surprises. We can finance with terms from 1 to 30 years. Best of all, there are no balloon payments or pre-payment penalties. In fact, if you can pay off the property in six months, we consider that a cash sale and give you the cash discount! 

How do I best learn the important details about the property?

Land is administered at the county level, so the best authority to get the right answers are the county officials. Don’t just take our word for it. This includes the previous chain of ownership, rules about zoning and building regulations, taxes, legal description, etc. It’s literally the county employee’s job to provide you that information.

What is the "Cash Discount" and "Six Months Same As Cash"?

We give a discount off the regular price for paying all cash at closing, often up to 20%, depending on the property. It’s a thank you for allowing us to find more land more quickly for the next family. 

In fact, you have up to six months to pay off the property to receive the cash discount.  We’re trying to make it easy, here, we really are.

Are you real estate agents?

No, we are private investors. We don’t represent buyers or sellers, we actually own the land we sell. No middlemen or commissions to worry about! You are certainly welcome to bring your agent or lawyer, of course!

Why are your properties so cheap?

It’s not easy. We work very hard to uncover land no one else knows is for sale. Sometimes that even includes the sellers. We deal in high volume and don’t ask for much in return. 

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property?

You’re covered by a legally-enforceable purchase agreement and the property is sold with title insurance to protect you from hidden historical issues. Plus, we’d like to stay in business, so we’re not about to risk losing it by cheating anyone. We highly encourage you to engage a lawyer and/or a professional for your peace of mind.

When can I visit the property?

You can always preview the property at your convenience and without us. Once we have an agreement you’re free to enjoy the property in full. Of course each site is different.  For some sites you may need a GPS and a 4×4 just to get to the property, but you already will have known that, because we make sure you do before you purchase it.  

Will I get a survey?

Most land already has a survey performed in the past that can be researched, but we recommend getting your own survey if you’re at all in doubt. We don’t automatically do surveys as one of the ways we keep property prices as low as possible.